BoatingServ & Globalstar

SOC (SmartOne C)


Satellite Tracker, Alarm Central, Machine Censing, Automatic Actuator and more.

By means of this device, powered with 12 volts and waterproof, BoatingServ will know remotely the threats faced by your vessels, such as:

  • Fire risk, early satellite warning + the immediate assistance of BoatingServ with the consequent minimization of its own and of others.
  • Water path and/or sinking, early warning of water in bilge over the predetermined levels + the immediate assistance of BoatingServ acting and reducing and/or avoiding the sinking of your boat.
  • Improper use / Theft / Stealing of your vessel: We establish a predetermined safety radius; if your vessels are being moved outside this predeterminate area, even if it is towed, we will receive the alarm in the base of BoatingServ with our satellite.
  • Do you have your boat in Punta del Este or anywhere on the planet, under outsourced supervision? Do you need to know if it is being used without your authorization? Unauthorized entry of people to private sectors of your boat? Do you need to know where/when your boat’s engine was started, wherever it is? Now you can know it immediately. BoatingServ gives you the answer.

If you need any control that has not been contemplated within these alternatives, do not hesitate to contact us. read more

BoatingServ & Globalstar


Sending of predetermined messages from places without cellular signal, ships, islands, etc.
A watertight, removable, waterproof device, ideal for the transmission of predetermined messages that can be received and monitored by BoatingServ and/or yourself from the comfort of your home or business.

With 6 entries available, there are no limits to send information. You can adapt the device to your boat or industry with many uses.

BoatingServ & Globalstar


When your adventures take you to places out of mobile coverage, SPOT Gen3 will allow you to inform to your family and friends that you are okay or send your GPS location to the BoatingServ Monitoring Center with the push of a button. This pocket device, small and robust, can be part of your essential travel equipment, allowing you or your family to be connected.

The SPOT family of products uses the GPS satellite network to determine the location of a customer and Globalstar’s satellite network to transmit messages and GPS coordinates to others. SPOT offers several ways to access communication when you are away from marked and uncovered routes.

Most common uses:

  • Water-proof versatile device (IP67), ideal for water motorcycle crew, when communication in case of emergency is crucial
  • Crew members, ocean navigation, sports navigation
  • Fishing crew or any boat where there is the possibility of man overboard
  • In land, workers in risk areas, oil wells.
  • Personnel of oil rigs
  • Adventure sportsmen
  • Anyone who wants to venture safely

BoatingServ & Globalstar

SOS (SmartOne Solar)

The lack of electrical power is not a problem for this great device. Its versatility makes it an ideal automated monitoring, tracking and data collection device for countless industries with remote assets that are beyond traditional wireless networks.

  • Great versatility of solutions for satellite control and monitoring
  • Low maintenance device with solar power with up to 8 years of battery life and no need for external power or antennas
  • Ideal for control and monitoring of barges or any boat without its own power
  • Improves operational productivity through reliable monitoring of remote asset performance, security/compliance, smart metering and data visibility
  • Trouble-free management for the personnel responsible for the assets with autonomous and efficient operation of the device
  • Additional options to control the delivery of messages with geofencing capabilities
  • Ideal as a communication support of any system or application, where other systems fail (GPRS) or have no coverage