Specialized team with reliable technology and passion for what we do

BoatingServ is the first company of assistance, nautical rescue and satellite monitoring of cargo and ships, with an international standard located in Argentina.

It has two Monitoring Centers, unique in the Southern Cone:

  • in San Fernando (Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • in Puerto Sauce (Colonia, Uruguay)

With a monitoring software specially developed with Globalstar-supported satellite geolocation technology.

BoatingServ captures distress signals issued by VHF, cellular calls or the activation of the satellite geolocation device installed on the boats. In that moment, BoatingServ comes to the rescue of the navigators who are within the first three sections of Paranas’ delta, Río de la Plata and the Uruguayan coast.

With its own fleet and professional experts, it proposes a great variety of solutions for nautical and maritime security.

From knowing exactly the coordinates of a navigator in distress to the possibility of knowing if his boat moored without supervision is sinking or burning.

BoatingServ is the answer. Versatility and flexibility in its service plans to make navigation an experience of safety and pleasure for its protagonists.

  • Human capital composed of expert technicians
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Equipment and software specially developed for the rescue
  • Plans that contemplate all needs


+54 11 4728 3251


+54 11 4728 3251

Emergency mobile phone

+54 9 11 3251 2222

Click on the button from your mobile phone to dial automatically.