This is the safest plan for you and your loved ones.

By just pressing a button in the SOC device (Smart One C) installed on board of your boat, you will be located and rescued anywhere, even if you do not have a cell phone signal or if the VHF does not work and the prevailing weather does not allow you to communicate with our Base of Operations, we will be able to locate you.

How does it work?

The SOC (Smart One C) will allow you to choose two actions:

Assitance button – situations without risk of life

Some examples: no fuel, without government, stranded, without batteries, etc.

By pressing this button, you will be sending a satellite signal to our Monitoring Center. At that point, we will begin to track you, knowing exactly your geographical location. From then on, We will leave our Operations Base with our rescue boats to assist and/or tow you.


Mayday button –  SOS with life risk and / or risk of total loss of your boat

Some examples: risk of life, crew in critical medical situation, fire, sinking, without rudder, without propulsion in adverse or critical climatic situation, etc.

In this circumstance we will activate an emergency protocol, giving priority to another type of service. We will also give immediate notice to the Prefectura Naval Argentina [Argentine Coast Guard] to operate jointly.

Our Monitoring Center operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with with ad-hoc
designed software. We can always locate and rescue you!

BoatingServ offers a boat assistance zone that covers the three Delta Sections and the Uruguayan coast.

However, the coverage area by satellite monitoring is as vast as the planet. In case, if you are navigating outside our assistance area, anywhere in the world, we will contact the nearest maritime authority giving them your location so they can proceed to your rescue.

Our rescue units are specially designed so they do not damage your boat. They are of very high buoyancy, with the ability to acquire ballast for adverse conditions and the necessary equipment to solve situations of all kinds. They can embark up to 10 people in each emergency.

Coverage Zone

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