Boats specially designed for rescue and towing

Unique boats, without air in their pontoons with the following advantages:

  • Great engine power for reducing rescue times
  • Extra flotation tubes provided with polyurethane and no air, impossible to sink
  • High buoyancy index, to undertake the most adverse conditions
  • Suitable for additional boarding of up to 10 passengers
  • Approach (link) to the boat to assist without damaging
  • Satellite communication, radar, GPS Plotter, VHF and satellite phone with the
    latest technology
  • International standard diving equipment and tools

Our Operation Bases

Uruguayan Base

Puerto Sauce – Colonia

Our base of Puerto Sauce has the great advantage of being in a port that offers a great quality of services, with comfortable access by water and easy entry of deep waters.

Puerto Sauce is an ideal place for landfalls due to adverse weather conditions. Located just 30 km from the city of Colonia, it is a great alternative to carry out boat repairs, with very favorable costs.

In Puerto Sauce, there is a ramp that allows us to take out and launch boats of any length and beam. Our Base of Operations and ships is located strategically in front of the port, without any obstacles, which allows us to make reliable and fast movements of any type of pleasure craft.

In the short term, BoatingServ will have a Travel Lift available that will make it easier to maneuver inside the dry dock, to take out and to launch vessels. In this base, we also offer the same services as in our base in San Fernando.

Argentinian Base

San Fernando – Buenos Aires

Fully equipped, with a ramp, 2 cranes, Satellite Monitoring Center, 48-meter high VHF antenna, workshop, 3 relief and rescue boats with state-of-the-art equipment.