• Provide the Argentine market with a monitoring service for pleasure craft and cargo ships with satellite geolocation.
  • Offer towing, technical assistance and refloating services with international standard.
  • Make navigation a safety experience for people and goods.
  • Become a partner of the insurance companies in order to limit the claims of insured vessels.


Be the leading company in nautical and maritime security with monitoring, rescue, assistance, towing and refloating of vessels.


  • Experience and multidisciplinary approach
  • Technological vanguard in satellite tracking devices and monitoring software.
  • Speed and efficiency in the response, rescue and repair of breakdowns.
  • Reliability and accuracy in geolocation.

Why to trust us

For many reasons, among them because BoatingServ 
  • is inspired by the technical knowledge and passion to act;
  • has made the most complete and updated technological investment in the market;
  • has a vocation for its services and provides them with an international standard;
  • offers security solutions to both individuals who want to enjoy their boats and companies focused on protecting their assets.

Rescue Team

Rescue, Help, Assistance, Refloating

We are a boat assistance, towing, rescue and refloating company committed to nautical and maritime security.

We have Globalstar satellite geolocation technology and a Monitoring Center with ad-hoc developed software to locate and provide immediate assistance to vessels that are within the three sections of the Parana Delta and Río de la Plata and Uruguayan coast. Our own fleet, specially designed not to damage the assisted boats, have capacity for 10 people and state-of-the-art equipment to solve situations of all kinds.



We are a group of professionals who wanted to turn the dream of nautical safety into a tangible reality.

A highly qualified human team for software design and boat rescue and repair activities.

Our multidisciplinary team is composed of professional sailors, experts in nautical and security services, mechanics, naval engineers and professional divers.