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Experience and efficiency in rescues and air transfers

BoatingServ, in alliance with a leading market company, offers the interested parties, rescue and helicopter transfer services with coverage in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

With ability for landing and/or lifting crew members in critical situations, the service is highly effective in situations where rapid evacuation of the vessel is necessary.

Beyond specific situations of rescue and health transfers, the evacuation service is also offered to any individual who requests them with destinations to Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Brazil.


  • The rescue by helicopter of the crew, or the evacuation of one of its members, is a risky maneuver. Maritime Rescue professionals use the most advanced means and exercise weekly for this type of operation (Hi- Line)during both day and night time.
  • Do not be impatient waiting for the arrival. Helicopters fly at relatively low speed.
  • Before the arrival of the helicopter, contact your crew members and operation base through VHF16 and attend to their information and instructions. Do not leave doubts pending to clarify with them, because when the helicopter arrives, there will be a lot of noise and you will not be able to listen well.
  • All people on board must put on their lifejackets. Rescuers may order the crew to throw the liferaft and get on it or jump overboard (one by one, so as not to wait in the water and avoid hypothermia) or be rescued from the water (one by one) by the rescuers/swimmers. In that case, collect the most essential documentation (do not think that you will be hoisted with your bags and suitcases).
  • On sailboats, lower the sails and start the engine.
  • Clear all material and equipment that can fly off. If you can navigate by motor, they will surely tell you to keep a constant course and speed.
  • If you are controlling the rudder, do not get distracted by the helicopter’s evolutions.

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