When the worst happens, we solve it

In spite of the sinking of a boat, we perform the refloating and transfer using sashes and airbags, depending each circumstance, in order to control the ascent, using a boom as support.

Our refloating work include:

  • All lengths on sports boats and sailboats
  • Highly trained staff
  • Equipment and adequate techniques to minimize economic losses
  • High power bilge pumps of over 50 cubic meters per hour

The action of refloating sunken vessels is the most complex task because it involves all types of working areas including diving.

Refloating means the total recovery of the buoyancy of a naval device so that it can float for its own buoyancy reserve.

To achieve this objective, the water tightness of its compartments and tanks are recovered by repairing faults and making bilge and blow systems. Together with additional lifting material, it is possible to lift the boat for water evacuation and the subsequent recovery of its buoyancy.

Remember that 85% of these types of accidents, called “slow” sinking that normally occurs with moored boats, can be avoided in almost 100% of the cases with the installation of the SmartOne C (SOC) device.

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