Satellite solutions. Control your boat and/or cargo wherever you are.

BoatingServ, in partnership with the leading company Globalstar, helps individuals and companies control and manage their assets and risks through IOT satellite solutions that monitor their vessels and cargoes.

With Globalstar satellite technology support and BoatingServ monitoring, the logistics, control and security of your assets are within a click of your mouse.

Private sports boats.

Our technology offers a wide variety of solutions to the nautical sports market. Reliable tools for the protection of your boat, in your absence and remotely.

If the boat is moored without supervision, BoatingServ monitors by satellite any sinking, fire or improper use through:

  • Autonomous Satellite Alarm for Flood Control (ASACI). 
  • Autonomous Satellite Control for Fire Control (ASACIN).
  • Improper Use/Burglary Alarm (AUSI).

In all cases, the activation of the alarm will make BoatingServ go to the exact place with our fastest boat to contain the accident, avoiding with a high degree of effectiveness, that your boat sinks or that the fire spreads out, reducing the damage of this type of event.

If the sports boat is moored, for example, in Punta del Este or in Portofino (Italy), you will know from the comfort of your home if it was launched, or moved out from a limit area pre-established by you, or if someone enters a “restricted zone” like your cabin without your consent. All this in real time, anywhere in the world and monitored by BoatingServ.

We develop customized solutions.

Through BoatingServ, you can have a tracking of your containers, vehicles, boats, barges or loads, improving the efficiency and operational safety of your assets. We also provide countless possibilities for mining, transportation, oil, gas, road, construction, afforestation, maritime trade and agriculture sectors.

  • Insurance Companies, can reduce the accident rate in their portfolio of sports boats
    using Boatingserv’s technology.
  • Users and Boatingserv can manage remote assets proactively by collecting
    automated data and critical monitoring.
  • It allows to improve operational productivity through reliable monitoring of remote
    asset performance, security and compliance, smart metering and data visibility.
  • It is an Autonomous and efficient operation, which facilitates the work for the
    personnel in charge of the assets.
  • Boatingserv offers flexible and accessible satellite service plans to meet business needs.

Globalstar’s satellite solutions are helping companies to economically and reliably address IoT industrial demands through a fully modernized satellite network. These companies are increasingly adopting automated satellite solutions to optimize M2M operations, monitor and manage remote assets, serve as redundancy to terrestrial communications networks and allow users to retain a competitive advantage in today’s global hyper-connected market.

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