Solutions inside and outside the water

We are experts in repairs of all kinds and, in particular, of rescued and refloated vessels.
The repair and work execution times are fundamental within our process structure.

Speed ​​and efficiency are key pillars of BoatingServ. To ensure the success of any work started, we have all kind of equipment, tools, spare parts and highly qualified personnel to perform the required work.

Some of our jobs include:

  • Hull cleaning and quick repairs
  • Dry dock for quick jobs
  • Engine service
  • Painting

Repairs In Situ

If some slight breakdown occurs during the navigation, we will provide assistance and proceed to the repair in situ, so that you can continue enjoying your journey.

Repair in Base

In the case that your boat cannot be repaired by our staff when assisting, we can tow it to our Base of Operations where we have a ramp to do minor repairs (propellers, rudders, etc.).

Repair in Shipyard

If you do not have a predetermined place for repairs, we have agreements with recognized shipyards for a major repairs.


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    Ramp for boats up to 100 feet

    Our Base of Operations has a ramp with two winches capable of dragging 120 Ton. each. It can be used in case your boat is in danger of sinking, for strandings or scheduled launches. Services every day.